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Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate Law Practice is dedicated to help you and/or your business with any and all aspects of your real estate needs.

We provide core real estate closing services, including representation to both buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

For BUYERS, when purchasing a property, it is never advisable to go it alone.  With an attorney on your side, we provide you with:

  • Contract Review  and/or Addendums
  • Escrow Agent services
  • Core title services.  As agent for Attorneys Title Insurance Fund, Inc., the largest underwriter in the state of Florida,  I will run the search of and examine title and issue a title commitment as well as Owner’s and Mortgagee Final Policy
  • Lien Search  –  We run a lien search to make sure that all matters affecting the property are resolved and you obtain title free and clear of any and all liens, permits, etc.
  • Review and Preparation of Conveyance Documents – to make sure the Warranty Deed, Bill of Sale and all closing documents are accurate
  • Communicate with your lender, if applicable to obtain financing and prepare for closing
  • Order Survey and review for any and all defects or matters affecting the property
  • Prepare the HUD-1 Settlement Statement in preparation for Closing
  • Closing takes place at our offices

When representing the SELLER, we provide the following services:

  • Review Contract and/or Addendums
  • Request payoff of any mortgage on the property
  • Prepare all seller conveyance documents including Warranty Deed, Bill of Sale
  • Review the HUD-1 Settlement Statement in preparation for Closing
  • Attend closing with seller

In addition to core title services, as a firm specializing in all aspects of real estate law and closings,  the Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, P.A. recognizes the troubles many homeowners face today and helps you address them by providing you with specialized departments ready to assist you every step of the way.

These specialized departments offer services for clients interested in:

as well as Escrow Services.

Call today to see how we can help you CLOSE WITH CONFIDENCE.