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FIRPTA considerations in today’s changed landscape


FIRPTA law, which stands for the Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act, recently changed last year, increasing the withholding from 10% to 15%.  Many foreign sellers who enter into Residential real estate contracts, are not aware of this FIRPTA withholding requirement.  Foreign sellers believe that because they don’t pay federal income taxes in the United States, then they are immune from declaring any profits on real estate sales transactions or filing tax returns. This is false.

Any seller of real estate is required to disclose the sale to the Internal Revenue Service and if a foreigner, then 15% of the gross sales price will be withheld at the time of closing and remitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

Additional forms are then required to be filled out and sent to the IRS and eventually a tax return which if the amount of tax on the sale is less, the FIRPTA withholding difference is then refunded.

There are numerous exemptions to FIRPTA withholding requirements, for example if the sales prices is less then $300,000.00, if the buyer is going to live in the property, and countless others.

However many title companies and even attorneys are not familiar with exemptions and retain the funds regardless.

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