Sophisticated Business Law Services

As both a real estate lawyer and accountant, for over 20 years, attorney Jacqueline A. Salcines has been providing strategic legal advice to our clients who are comprised of individuals, corporate clients as well as established and new business owners. Whether requiring advice regarding how to best structure their business (as either an LLC, Corp, or S-Corp) to the creation of operating agreement, joint venture agreements and shareholder agreements, as well as commercial leases and asset purchases, our extensive knowledge of business law and tax law, is unmatched.

At the law offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, PA, in Coral Gables, we take an integrative approach to offer forward-looking and sound advice to our clients. We recognize that the laws are always changing and businesses don't operate in a vacuum. By bringing our expertise and knowledge to the foreground, we are able to best help our clients and protect their assets and investments.

We offer a full range of corporate and business professional legal services, including:

  • Business entity selection and formation
  • Request of IRS Federal EIN numbers and TIN numbers
  • Preparation of organizational documents, including operating agreements, articles, corporate resolutions, bylaws, etc.
  • Obtain required occupational license(s) or other licenses required for specific business intent and purpose
  • Operating, partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Stockholder agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements and contracts
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Lease negotiations and terminations
  • Noncompete and nonsolicit agreements
  • Stock options and phantom stock arrangements
  • Stock and asset sales and acquisitions
  • Collection and demand letters
  • Protecting rights in resolving business disputes

Business Law Litigation

When business disputes arise, our founding lawyer is a skilled trial lawyer who works hard to efficiently resolve the conflicts affordably. Running a successful business requires attention to detail in daily operations, as well as a sophisticated legal plan to mitigate risks, protect rights in contractual obligations and avoid the potential for disruptive litigation.

As a lawyer and accountant, Jacqueline A. Salcines, has assisted clients with their business and contractual needs for 19 years. Our firm is able to provide sound legal and practical solutions to meet your specific goals and objectives. Regardless of whether you are a startup business or an established corporation, require a simple contract reviewed, prepared or amended, or require something more complex, we have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals to accomplish your objectives.

Call Our Strategic Business Law Attorney For A Free Consultation

Our goal is to meet the needs and objectives of our business law clients with integrity. To arrange a free consultation to discuss your business goals with a skilled lawyer and accountant, please send us a message online or call 786-671-3887. We serve businesses in the greater Miami area and throughout South Florida.