Understanding Mortgage Law

Another aspect of our real estate practice is representing both borrowers and lenders with respect to their mortgage needs. This complements our real estate closing and contract practices, allowing us to cater to our clients in all aspects of their transaction.

We offer the following mortgage services to our clients:

  • Mortgage closings — residential and commercial
  • Lender mortgage document preparation, including note and mortgage
  • Mortgage refinances
  • Loan modifications — private and national lenders
  • Mortgage reinstatements, payoffs and restructuring
  • Interest rate swaps

At Jacqueline A. Salcines, PA, in Coral Gables, we are proud to say that all closings are handled personally by our attorney. Not one loan in our office was ever closed by anyone other than our founding lawyer. Clients benefit from having their lawyer by their sides during the closing, who is there to explain what the client is signing in the bank package, as well as provide advice regarding post-closing matters such as applying for the homestead exemption. Hiring an attorney to handle your closing and mortgage.

You Have The Right To Choose Your Attorney And Title Agent

Many consumers are unaware that Florida mortgage law prohibits mortgage lenders from selecting your title agent. Florida statutes protect the borrower and allow him or her to elect their title company and closing real estate attorney. If you are in the market for a refinance, you also have the right to elect your own real estate lawyer and title agent. Many banks erroneously fail to advise their clients of this and the borrowers believe they are locked into using the attorney or title company that works for the bank, and in turn protects the bank's interest.

As a borrower, you cannot be forced to use anyone's title company or attorney except the one you choose. Therefore, why go at it alone?

With the level of experience and knowledge of the mortgage industry, and competitive fees, we offer our clients peace of mind when handling their mortgage needs.

We invite you to call our attorney to arrange a free initial consultation. Call our Coral Gables office at 786-671-3887, or send us an email to learn how we can help you.