short_saleUnlike many other states, in Florida, the end of a foreclosure lawsuit or short sale, where the balance of the mortgage exceeds the property value, will likely result in the Bank coming after you for the mortgage balance. This is called a deficiency balance or deficiency judgment

If the bank gets a deficiency against you, the deficiency judgment will be recorded in the public records and is collectable for up to 20 years.  In fact, even if you die, the bank can still collect against your heirs and your estate.

Any South Florida homeowner that walks away from their properties, after years of nonpayment, and thinks that the bank will get paid from the sale and will not collect against or go after them for the balance, is wrong! In fact, any South Florida homeowner that does not hire an attorney to negotiate the balance and waiver of the deficiency, is exposing themselves to likelihood that their wages will be garnished, their assets levied and bank accounts frozen.

So the time to act is now! Before the foreclosure ends! Before the short sale closes! Before the judgment is entered and recorded against you.

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