House and lawWhy do more and more attorneys charge homeowners a monthly fee to defend their foreclosures and do little to earn their trust or save their home?  The practice has been frowned upon by agencies and the motives behind such actions called into question as unethical.

“In my law practice,  I find more and more homeowners coming in to retain me, after having paid other attorneys, thousands and thousands in attorneys fees, month after month, and are now faced with a final judgment hearing or foreclosure sale date, with no solution to save the home or the borrower from  judgment suggested or initiated.”  I am certainly not suggesting  the attorneys named here follow these practices, nor knocking the ones that do.  Everyone has to make a living and the attorneys that charge monthly are certainly not forcing borrower clients to pay.  They do so because they feel they are getting value for their buck. But many attorneys withdraw from the client foreclosure cases after thousands are paid by the client, either because they want more monies or because they tell the borrower that “time has run out” and there is nothing else they can do.  Now the homeowner is left without a home and with a judgment against them.

On a daily basis, clients sit across from me in my office, and tell me that they have paid $20,000.00 in legal fees to a foreclosure attorney, have never once met with the attorney (just the support staff) and their case is set for trial or has a sale date and the attorney is dropping them, having done nothing to save the home.   I find this practice unacceptable.

Why are foreclosure defense attorneys not finding viable solutions for their clients? And often times, by the time they are in to see me, it is too late.  They are 3 or 4 years in arrears and the unpaid balance is just too high that the bank will not even consider a modification.  Other times, the short sale could have been negotiated with a cash incentive to the borrower/seller but the incentive was not preserved or requested by the attorney.

We are here to help.

At the Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, PA, every effort is made to protect the homeowner and find the program that is right for them, before they are faced with a final judgment hearing or foreclosure sale date.  Every  potential client sits with attorney Jacqueline A. Salcines, PA and she alone, as both attorney and accountant, analyzes the financial information provide by the client and home values, to determine what options exist.

Thereafter, simultaneous with the foreclosure defense, WHICH IS CHARGED AT A FLAT FEE AND NOTHING IS PAID MONTHLY, the loss mitigation solution is sought.  Be it loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu or short payoff, we fight for you and your rights.

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