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We service all your real estate needs in the entire State of Florida. We are your “real estate lawyer near me”.

As a buyer or seller of real estate in Florida, it is never prudent to rely on a real estate agent or broker to handle your real estate transaction. Realtors are excellent at what they do, which is bringing buyers and sellers together. However, when it comes to giving advice regarding a Real Estate Contract, the did not attend law school and are not experts in contract law. It always makes sense to hire a real estate lawyer to protect you every step of the way. What you pay is nominal for peace of mind.

What can you expect to pay a real estate lawyer? Depends on the transaction. Fees generally start at $450.00 and depending on the scope of work, whether you need an As Is Contract for Sale and Purchase prepared, title work, lien search, etc.

Always hire a real estate lawyer near me to protect your interest.


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