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FLORIDA REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY AND BUSINESS LAW ATTORNEYS COVID-19 has caused many buyers to want to cancel contracts either dealing with real estate purchases, vessel purchases, materials or equipment. Many contracts in Florida contain a Force Majeure clause that permits closing dates to be extended, or even cancelled if there is an act of God, […]



LAWYER ON CALL In these unprecedented times we are facing, we understand getting around and going to a lawyer’s office may be risky. We are happy to offer and provide our clients and the public Facetime consultations, telephone consultations and will continue to serve the public via email and phone. Call us day or night […]



If you are buying, selling or refinancing real estate, the most important decision you can make is to hire the right Real Estate Lawyer to represent you. Hiring a real estate lawyer to oversee the transaction and make sure that the transaction goes smoothly is what we are here for. At the Law Offices of […]

How to Stop A Wage Garnishment in Florida

DEBT SETTLEMENT ATTORNEY Credit Card companies, creditors, and anyone that has a judgment against a debtor can take legal action to garnish your wages or bank account.  In the case of a wage garnishment, Florida law permits the creditor to take up to 25% of the debtor’s paycheck, per pay period.  Florida law also permits […]