Attorney Jacqueline Salcines recently settled a $246,000 judgment with Dyck O’Neal, for a sum of $25,000.00.

Dyck O’Neal is one of the nation’s largest debt collection companies who purchase bad debt and real estate foreclosure deficiencies.

While many cases against Dyck O’Neal are handled out of court, some do end up in lawsuits such as this one, which judgment debtor was represented by Jacqueline Salcines, Esq.

While the debtors wages were being garnished, we were able to successfully stop the garnishment of wages, negotiate the sums due for pennies on the dollar, and obtain the return of all garnished sums.

At Jacqueline Salcines PA, we fight for our clients. While some attorneys will settle for less, we are prepared to fight to get the best outcome in your case. Specially against Dyck O’Neal.