Buying a property, whether as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), with a realtor, or a foreclosed property, the process can be complicated.  It can also be very rewarding as the largest and costliest investment, for many,  in their lifetime.  While rewarding, the process requires studying many aspects including neighborhoods, prices, condition of the home, financing terms.  An informed buyer is the best buyer, and at the Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, PA, that is what we are here for. To educate you, the buyer, to make sure we protect your rights before you buy.

After you have found a property or know the area you are interested in, there are many things that need to be checked:

  • IS the property priced right
  • Does the property require repairs or renovations/what is the condition of the property
  • Is it a foreclosure that I will not be permitted to cancel for inspections?
  • Do I need to pay any liens or judgments with the purchase
  • What are the estimated property taxes
  • What schools pertain to the neighborhood, either public or private
  • What tax implications are involved in my purchase
  • What interest rate and closing costs will I incur?

With property values in South Florida and across almost all parts of the country  thriving, few buyers and seller know what are the actual costs of a real estate closing.  Further, buyers are usually clueless as to who has to pay for title insurance.  Common costs of closing include:


  • Attorney’s Fee
  • Settlement Fee
  • Lender related fee  (Get a Good Faith Estimate at the time of applying for a loan or shopping around for lenders)
  • Title Insurance Premium (if Miami Dade)
  • Survey
  • Mortgage Intangible Tax  (20 cents per $100.00 of loan amount in Dade)
  • Mortgage documentary Stamps taxes  (.35 cents per $100.00 of loan amount in Dade)
  • Wire fee
  • Courier Fee


  • Prorated real estate taxes
  • Title Search  (can be capped at $200.00 if prior title insurance policy is given to title company)
  • Doc Prep Fee (typically $450)
  • Estoppel fee (if condo or HOA)
  • Courier Fee
  • Title Insurance Premium (If Broward or Palm Beach)
  • Documentary Stamp Taxes on sales price  (60 cents per $100.00 of sales price)
  • Lien Letters (between $80.00 to $300.00)

With so many questions and considerations, it is best to have a real estate attorney in y our corner before you sign that contract.

At the Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, P.A., our lead real estate attorney brings over 15 years experience in the real estate field as well as 20 in the accounting field. Ms. Salcines is also a realtor and therefore has extensive knowledge of property values and investment opportunities.

Call us today to set up an appointment to discuss your purchase or sale. We are here for you!

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