BankruptcyHard to believe that with the double digit increase in real estate values in Florida, many homeowners still find themselves underwater with their mortgages, but this is a fact.  Victims of overextended credit limits, overinflated home appraisals during the mortgage crisis, and rising taxes and forceplaced insurance, has caused many homeowners to simply not be able to come out from below the water.  In fact, many that entered into loan modifications during 2009 and 2014, may be about to default again on their loan modifications due to the increase in interest rates scheduled for the fifth year under the Making Home Affordable Program, or an increase in the required monthly escrow.

While foreclosures in Miami and Broward are at the lowest levels we have seen for years, we are experiencing a new wave of foreclosures from the above borrowers, that tried to make ends meet and meet their financial obligations but with rising taxes and insurance, or a loss of a job, or loved one, can no longer sustain their mortgage payments.  This leads to a brand new filing of a foreclosure against these homeowners, and often forgiven debt under the Making Home Affordable Plan is recalculated into the mortgage balance, sending some to be underwater again.

At the Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, P.A. our dedicated team of foreclosure defense attorney and consumers rights advocates fight shoulder to shoulder with these lenders to protect our clients rights and properties.  The aim is to stop foreclosure and the abuses of the mortgage industry by holding lenders accountable for their actions.  We practice:

  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Commercial and Residential Foreclosure
  • First and Second Mortgage loan settlement and forgiveness
  • Loan Settlement
  • Short Sales
  • Loan Modifications
  • Credit Card Debt and Settlement
  • Debt Collection Abuse
  • Unfair Collection Practices
  • HAMP and Internal Modifications


Whether you find yourself in a current foreclosure, or whether your default of your mortgage is imminent and you wish to plan and strategize all options available before you default, one call can make the difference.

At the Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, P.A., attorney Jacqueline A. Salcines, has over 15 years experience in the mortgage and real estate law industry.  She is an accountant having practiced prior to becoming an attorney.  Having an exclusive and extensive background with accounting and business law, as well as mortgages, provides the cutting edge difference when settling the accounts with lenders.  “Knowing what a lender can and can not do makes all the difference in the standpoint of a negotiation”. Often lenders in foreclosures are bluffing that they have the note or that their assignments are valid and when pushed against the wall and taken to trial, cases get voluntary dismissals.  “This is what we hope for our clients.”

“At my firm, we do not practice delay tactics or the buying time technique that many attorneys do while charging their clients monthly. Rather, I personally sit with the client and explore their needs and desires, while running their financials to see what they qualify for.  Our foreclosure defense is foreclosure defense with a result in mind.  I will review the complaint, often audit the loan package to see what advantages we have to win at trial.  That is the strategy.  Not mere delay to then push a bankruptcy on the client.”  Says Jacqueline Salcines, Esq.

Call us today for a free foreclosure defense and strategizing session.  The first consult is always free of charge and can provide the know-how and options that perhaps many borrowers do not know are available to them.

The foreclosure crisis is on the rise again in South Florida.  However with the right team behind you, the foreclosure crisis can be averted.


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