Got your attention!  When we hear the word free, particularly when associated with attorneys, a consumer may feel that they are getting discounted or less than stellar service. After all, why would an attorney or any professional discount their own time or services.  Yet, ironically enough, many sellers do not bother to enlist the services of a real estate attorney to assist them with the sale of their property.  Often, until its too late. They feel there is no need or the buyers title company can take care of their side of the transaction, and what the seller doesn’t know is that they will end up paying the same or perhaps more for the same services.  And, the title company charging them does not represent them, only the buyer. And if something goes wrong, the title company is not on their side protecting the seller, but rather looking out for the interests of the buyer.

Just this week alone I have had sellers come to my office, days before closing to hire me to fix issues with the closing that is not going to take place.  Here are just some of the new clients that have retained this week with the following closing issues:

  • Title issues that the title company will not take care of.
  • A past due balance with the association that the title company is not willing to negotiate
  • A federal tax lien that has been paid off and the title company refuses to acknowledge it
  • A buyer that keeps pushing the closing up and refuses to close
  • A deposit that nobody is holding and nobody can find
  • The transaction closed and seller did not get their proceeds
  • The transaction closed and sellers mortgage was not paid off as required

Whether you are just entering into the Contract for Sale or already in a binding contract,  do not go it alone.  Hiring the services of an attorney makes all the difference in meeting deadlines and obtaining a contract for Sale and Purchase with the best possible terms for you.

At Jacqueline Salcines, PA we are both real estate lawyers and accountants  with extensive experience representing buyers  and sellers in their real estate property needs in Florida.  As an attorney, accountant and title agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance, Inc., we provide a complete array of closing services.  Consult with attorney Jacqueline Salcines, PA today with regard to:

  • Review of Contract for Sale and Purchase
  • Review of Contract Addendums
  • Review of Condominium Riders
  • Title search and examination
  • Lien letters
  • Incorporation for purchase
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Tax implications on purchase
  • Survey requests
  • Estoppel requests
  • Lien negotiation
  • IRS/Federal tax lien on property negotiations
  • Seller docs
  • Preparation of Purchase Money Mortgages and Notes

Meet with our real estate attorney today and put us to work for you.  The first consultation is always free of charge.  Or email attorney Jacqueline Salcines directly your real estate question at J.Salcines@salcineslaw.com


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