Allowing a tenant to remain in a property after the natural expiration of the lease term, often results in the Residential Lease converting into a  month to month residential lease.  Not all leases have a termination clause that requires either party to terminate in writing or to extend.  Rather, the leases are silent or state that if the tenant remains after the last day of the lease, it becomes a month to month lease, with a termination at will (that is, at the discretion and election of either the tenant or the landlord).

The issue arises, however, when the tenant stays on another month or two to live out the security deposit.  This is not only illegal, but  places the landlord in a predicament if there are any damages to the property.  Cases like this almost always end up in litigation, in a landlord tenant eviction, for non payment.  Tenant thinks they have a month to live, landlord wants them out as soon as possible with protection for damages.

Landlord Tenant Statutes in Florida, Chapter §83, requires that if a tenant remains in possession after the natural expiration of the residential lease, the Landlord must send a Termination of Tenancy Letter.  That letter requires certain time frames for removal. For example, a month to month tenant, must be given 15 days to move out.  If they do not move out after the 15th day, that does not mean the landlord can go in and remove them and the tenant’s possessions. Rather, that gives the Landlord permission to now file an eviction suit.

Any tenant that stays on past the termination of tenancy 15 days, is considered a “holdover” tenant and is liable for double rent to the landlord.  While this may appear to protect the landlord, often tenants are judgment proof and collecting the monies after they are gone is almost impossible.

The termination of tenancy letter to the tenant must contain certain language as required per statute.

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