Over the past 16 YEARS, The Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, PA has represented first time home buyers and sophisticated home buyers purchasing multi-million dollar homes. Our unmatched experience stems from thousands of real estate transactions that we have been involved in over the past 16 years. We are capable of guiding buyers through the entire purchase process and keeping our clients away from real estate pitfalls in which the unguided are prone to fall. Our firm is known for its detailed attention to each and every client we represent. In representing buyers, our primary goal is to make sure that you are fully educated as to what you are acquiring. This goes beyond the face of the home listing. To be certain that your investment is sound, you need an experienced attorney who can fully inform you of any defects, legal encumbrances, liens and other issues the property may have that are not apparent to the untrained eye.

Representation of Buyers and Sellers without Realtors

Today with the internet and access to pertinent real estate information such as comparables, comprehensive online listings, market projections, market history, market tends and financing options at your fingertips, many buyers and sellers alike are forgoing the need to hire a licensed real estate agent or Realtor. Many buyers and sellers can no longer justify the commissions paid to real estate agents when the value of the services that agents provide are arguably heavily diminished due to the fact that buyers and sellers now have access to the same information to perform due diligence traditionally only attainable by Realtors.

Without a doubt, any party to a real estate transaction that does choose to pursue their real estate venture without a Realtor must understand that it is absolutely critical that they have a real estate attorney on their side. There are many legal questions that arise in any given real estate transaction that carry significant consequences if not addressed and understood. These legal questions may range from issues stemming from the Purchase Agreement to the legality of an additional room built in a home without appropriate permits. At The Law Offices of Jacqueline Salcines, PA, attorney Jacqueline Salcines takes great pride in representing empowered buyers and sellers that forego the services of a Realtor and we will work to make sure that your purchase or sale is conducted in a diligent manner.

As a buyer or seller utilizing our firm, you also have the added benefit of having attorney Jacqueline Salcines hold the dual title of Real Estate Attorney,, Accountant and Title Agent. At the Law Offices of Jacqueline A. Salcines, PA we will assist you with all your title and closing needs. We have extensive experience and knowledge to assist all of your real estate need.

Real Estate Agent/Buyer-Seller Disputes

The acquisition of real property is usually an individual’s or entity’s largest capital expenditure. The real estate agent and client may not always be on the same page due to the variety of variables contemplated by parties when undertaking a real estate transaction. The dynamics involved in such transactions often lead the parties of the relationship to believe that there is a complete meeting of the minds, when there really was only a partial mutual understanding or perhaps none at all. One reason that we witness this recurring theme is due to the expedited nature of buying real property. Broker/agents thrive on volume, sellers want to cash out quick and buyers want to close a deal and move forward. This is an inherent formula that equates to agent/buyer-seller disputes.

Jacqueline Salcines, Esq. is experienced and ready to pursue or defend Real Estate Agent-Broker/Client disputes concerning:

  • Unpaid Broker Disputes
  • Sales Commission Disputes
  • Breaches of Fiduciary Duty
  • Earnest Money Disputes
  • Broker/Agent Negligence
  • Appraiser Negligence
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Undisclosed Defects

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