short-sale-contractThis week, the short sale arm of the Making Home Affordable Program, HAMP,  known as  HAFA, announced an increase to $10,00 in its payout relocation assistance to property owners.  For short sales commenced after February 1, 2015, homeowners who qualify under the HAFA program, are eligible to receive a $10,000 check from their lenders.  Additionally, under the HAFA short sale rules, the lender must waive the deficiency balance of the mortgage, and forgive the loan in full.

The regulations to qualify under HAFA are strict.  Among them, the homeowner must reside in the home, must have a qualifiable hardship and must be financially unable to pay their mortgage. To find out if you qualify to short sale your home under HAFA and receive $10,000.00 contact us today.

In a short sale, a homeowner lists their property for sale. Once a contract is obtained, the contract is submitted to the lender with the borrowers financial information in order to qualify for a short sale.  Once the lender verifies value with a BPO, the contract is approved and a closing takes place.  At closing, the borrower/homeowner signs all docs and is forever relieved of the mortgage debt owed to the lender.  A true short makes sure that the balance is forgiven.  In a HAFA short sale, this is guaranteed.

We can qualify you, free of charge, and advise if you are eligible for the $10,000.00 relocation assistance.

The first consultation is always free of charge.


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