Stone and brick home with arched doorway As we South Floridians in the Gables, Pinecrest, Key Biscayne and surrounding areas enjoy a Seller’s market once again, it is important to know that research shows that the average homebuyer has already  made their mind up about buying a particular home the second they see the house from the outside.  “And by outside, I am not just referring to the structure.  A beautiful, well architected landscaped home will most likely get your buyer in the door much quicker than one that is spared of landscaping, and heavily influence the market value of your home.”  Jacqueline A. Salcines, Esq.

Many university studies reveal that an investment in landscaping provides a return on investment of more than 100 percent.  100 PERCENT! That means, that if you invest $25,000.00 in landscaping, you are likely to see that return when you add the $25,000.00 to the selling price.  Studies also show that homes that have curb appeal sell up to six weeks faster than homes that do not.

While some areas sell by themselves, this is great news if you are trying to sell a distressed home in today’s market.

So where do you start.  Drive around.  Take a look at other well-manicured yards in highly sought after areas and ask the homeowners for their landscapers name.  If you are the “Do It Yourself” type, you can certainly find hundreds of books and magazines on the market these days that will teach you how to get that great yard in no time.  The trick is to remove dead plants or beds that have been taken over by weeds. Make sure the lawn is nicely manicured and GREEN and thriving.  Local stores like Home Depot, ACE and others, sell numerous fertilizers for every type of lawn.  And make sure you have plant beds and plenty of color to bring attention to areas of the property. Also make sure the green does not convert into a jungle.

“Addresss the landscaping with a buyers point of view.  Think about what a typical buyer  is looking for. They want a nicely manicured yard with enough greenery to frame complement your home, but not so much that it becomes the focus of the home. Trees have the biggest impact, so placing an attractive tree, or trees, in your yard to provide shade and frame your home or backyard may well be worth it. Furthermore, landscape experts add that the way your landscaping funds are invested has a great deal to do with the return you experience. Buying a ton of small homogeneous plants is far less desirable that a few well placed mature ornamentals that complement the rest of your yard. You should focus on the front yard first as this is what grabs a potential buyer’s attention. Make sure your beds are weed free and covered with a nice layer of mulch.”

While only one idea to bring value to your home, always consult an expert when buying or selling.  We are here to help.

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