With interest rates at an all time low, there has never been a better time to refinance your home loan. If you already own the home and the property has equity, you can tap into some of that equity and take cash out to pay off debt or for school. If the property has a higher interest rate mortgage, you will benefit by having a reduced rate and monthly payment.

The benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer who is also a title company for a refinance are many.

First of all, you are entitled in Florida to choose your own title company to handle the refinance. What you pay is nominal to get peace of mind. Often the fee is between $650 and $750 in attorney’s fees. Moreover, if you do not hire the title company and advise your lender you have selected one, the bank will hire one for you, and often charge twice as much. And, the worst part is, that even though you are paying the bill, the title company does not represent you. They represent the lender.

Additionally, by hiring a title company for a refinance, we can look for your prior owner title insurance policy and issue you a credit for your title insurance so you do not have to pay it again and will have significant savings at closing. Not all title companies issue the credit and borrowers end up paying unnecessary fees and costs.

Lastly, by hiring us, the closing is done at our offices. By the attorney.

Attorney Jacqueline A. Salcines will guide you every step of the way with all documents that need to be signed and explain what you are signing. The day of closing, the mortgage and note will be signed here so if you have any questions or doubts, the attorney will explain it.

Do not go it alone. A mortgage is often the highest debt consumers enter into and with all the legal terms and repercussions for default, it makes no sense to not hire a lawyer.

Attorney Jacqueline A Salcines, Esq., has been assisting borrowers with their real estate and mortgage needs for over 21 years. Consult with us today.


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