By now you have to be living in a cave to not have heard of Mr. Cooper.  Nationstar, the nations largest non-bank  mortgage servicer has spent millions rebranding itself, in the heels of its $20 million  loss last quarter, in order to reinvent itself.  The massive rebranding of this nonbank has left millions of homeowners wondering Who Is Mr. Cooper?

The Mr. Cooper transition, which took place weeks ago, is actually all about reimaging. The company is trying to create a more friendly, more customer oriented experience for its consumers.  Its employees are taking more than “50,000 hours of incremental customer experience training in order to ensure that everyone is equipped with the tools and resources needed to deliver the Mr. Cooper Promise. “

What does that mean for the consumer, or borrowers who had loans and mortgages with Nationstar?  Frankly,  not much.  You will now be receiving statements with the Mr. Cooper logo on the top left and when calling the servicer, the name will have changed, and hopefully after all this effort, the customer service as well.

Handling thousands of real estate closings, loan modifications and short sales for our clients over the years, Nationstar was “not very easy to deal with”.  Often you would get pushed around from one representative to another one. Get hung up on. The whole process was very frustrating. Specially when dealing with time crunches for foreclosures or trials for our clients.

When you receive the new statement in the mail from Mr. Cooper, and  you too are confused, don’t worry.  All your mortgage terms will remain the same.  Just the name will have changed.

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